Who We Are?


CGR MINERAL DIS TICARET A.S (CGR MINERAL FOREIGN TRADE INC.) Our company, which started our activities in the shipping, mining, and commodity trade sector in 2008, has progressed in commodity trade by separating shipping and mining production from the structure in order to become professional in its activity-area in the future. Commodity trading occupies a very important place in the 15-year operating history of CGR MINERAL DIS TICARET A.S. By concentrating its deep knowledge and experience it gained, especially in chrome mining and international chrome trade on international commodity trade, it has gained ground in the Turkish and Chinese markets, and in addition to being a highly reputable and reliable trading company, it has become a company that perfectly represents our country in terms of cultural relations, business morality, and ethics.

In the past 15 years, it has had warm relations with many companies that play a role in the commodity sector, from domestic commodity production, storage, transportation, loading surveillance, international shipping companies to end buyers, and continues to maintain these relations.

In the chrome ore trade, both chrome ore lumpy and chrome ore concentrate are the main field of our activities, we successfully supplies commodities with the desired characteristics in line with the needs of China, the world's largest buyer, and its other customers.

In 2017, our company expanded its product range and entered into different commodity sectors, and developed the activities in the purchase and sale of base metal mining trade. By increasing the experience in this field day by day, we continues to grow by adding new companies, both suppliers and end buyers, to its long-term business relations. With this strength we receive from the sector, we aim to increase the contribution to the national economy as a company by doubling the export target every year.