ALUMINUMAluminum (Al) whose atomic number 13 is a light metal of silver color with a density of 2,70 g/cm³. Aluminum, which is the most abundant element on Earth after oxygen and silicon, is not found in nature in its pure form, it is in the form of oxide and silicate compounds.

The production of aluminum metal is divided into primary and secondary production. The primary production of aluminum is obtained from bauxite ores. The secondary aluminum is produced by recycling scrap aluminum. 90% of the world's bauxite reserve is used to obtain aluminum and the rest is used in the chemical, refractory, abrasive, and cement industries.

The bauxite ore used in aluminum production usually contains 30-60% aluminum and is considered to be of mineable value. Since bauxite mine deposits are usually formed near the surface, they are operated through open-pit mining.