Manganese ore produced is classified according to its areas of use. Manganese ore is also classified according to the amount of manganese.

These are called manganese ores, ferrous manganese, and manganese iron ores. According to "The U.S. Bureau of Mines" an ore containing at least 35% manganese is called Manganese Ore. Those containing 10-35% manganese are called Ferrous Manganese, and the ore containing 5-10% manganese is called Manganese Iron Ore. Today, manganese iron ore with a lower grade of 2% is used in industry (VII. Five-Year Development Plan, Specialization Commission Report).

According to the areas of use, manganese ore is divided into 4 groups. Metallurgical manganese ore contains 48-50% Mn.

The manganese ore for the battery industry contains 78-85% MnO2. Manganese ore for the chemical industry contains 74-84% MnO2.

Manganese ore, which is used for other purposes. The use of manganese in the Iron and Steel Industry is as follows; up to 95% of the manganese produced is used in the production of manganese iron alloys, non-ferrous manganese alloys and metallic manganese. Ferro-manganese is the most important of the manganese iron alloys and 90% of the manganese used in iron-steel production is in the form of ferro-manganese. Manganese is necessary for the production of almost all types of steel and is also important in obtaining cast iron.